Run for the Board

Come shape the future of TAP!

Whether you have been on stage, in the audience, or in the wings, we would love for you to run for next season's board and be a part of the next chapter in TAP's story. The board is elected for July 1st - June 30th each year. All 12 of our Board positions are up for election this season.

You can find a description of each position here.


Do I need previous board experience to run? 

No. The beautiful thing about the TAP board is that every member, past and present, has brought a unique skill set to our organization. As long as you have a desire to learn and grow so that you can fulfill the duties the position requires, you can run.

Does someone else have to nominate me? 

No. You are free to nominate yourself!

I've read the descriptions of each position and I still have questions. Can I ask them?  

Yes! Send Christopher Smith an email at or chat with any board member.

Is this as overwhelming as it looks on paper? 

No. Don't forget, TAP is a volunteer-led organization and we are all doing our utmost with the skills that we have. That said if you have a passion for something or are hoping to learn a new skill, definitely let us know!

Okay, I'm interested. What are the next steps? 

Yay! So glad you are interested! Send an email to Christopher Smith at with your intent to run and which position you would like to run for. Nominations are due on June 1st  by 11:59 AM. Once you have expressed interest, we will contact you with the next steps.