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The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg: a radio play

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg: a radio play

Audition Information

Please fill out this google form, which includes locations to upload your monologues as a .mp3 file no later than 8pm on April 28th.

We are looking for 9-10 actors to fill a variety of roles, including the principle roles.

All actors should submit two of the monologues attached below, ideally from different characters. The sides have been selected by the director who is open to gender-bend, please do not read into the fact that the sides are majority "male" - just pick two regardless of your gender, or the gender of the side! No roles have been pre-cast.


Middle aged. Affable with an acerbic, sometimes cutting wit. A born story-teller. (M)


Harriet Beecher Stowe – the famous writer of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Middle aged. Intelligent and curious. Mark’s friend. (F)


Somewhat detached and mysterious. He was so mortally offended that he chose to take revenge on an entire town, yet he does so in a meticulous, overly elaborate way. (M/F)

MARY (50s)

Country woman. Good hearted but easily swayed. Weary from being poor and struggling her whole life. (F)

EDWARD (50s)

Poor bank clerk. Basically a good type, but easily yields to temptation. Weary from being poor and struggling his whole life. (M)

COX (Mid-40s)

Newspaper editor. Businesslike. Eye for main chance. (M)

MRS. COX (Mid-40s)

Society dame. Quite a hard type. (F)


Preacher type. Used to be in command – leading others. He has fallen in town society but is rebuilding his reputation. (M/F)

WILSON (Mid-50s)

Leading citizen. Think he’s entitled to ride roughshod over everyone. (M/F)

Additional roles will likely be double cast with above roles

ANNOUNCER One introductory speech only (M/F)

JOHNNY (18) Know-all journalist in the making. (M/F)

MAN #1 Anonymous voice shouting from the crowd (M/F)

MAN #2 Anonymous voice shouting from the crowd (M/F)

MAN #3 Anonymous voice shouting from the crowd (M/F)

HARKNESS (40s) Ruthless local politician type. (M/F)


First published in 1899, “The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg” by Mark Twain explores themes of sinfulness and righteousness, hypocrisy, vengeance, and redemption through the tale of a supposedly incorruptible town and one man’s efforts to undermine its reputation.

Twain’s story is a sharp commentary on American civic life, and it touches upon important themes, including the fragility of honesty under the prospect of gain; the tyranny of public opinion and the fickleness of herd mentality; the gap between reputation and genuine virtue; and the foolish pride in untested virtue.  

The story takes place at the turn of the 19th century in a fictional, small American town named Hadleyburg.  However, I believe this is a story with themes that resonate today and am happy to bring a modernity to it through the casting, so actors need not employee mid-Western accents or old-fashioned dialects. 

There are 15 distinct roles, but I plan to double-cast some of the smaller roles.  I envision a cast of around 9 to 10 people.  I am open to gender-blend, inclusive and diverse casting.

Audition Dates

Complete the google form, including your two recorded sides, no later than 8pm on April 28th.